The Convenience of Under Cabinet Coffee Makers

under counter coffee maker

“To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions,” said the famous actor Hugh Jackman. I think most would agree with him, the smell of coffee is, to many people, an indispensable part of their everyday life. Yet, to really appreciate the delightfully aromatic aspects of coffee, you need a great coffee maker! A stylish and modern coffee maker will definitely give a new dimension to your everyday coffee experience. A noteworthy and recent innovation in the world of coffee is the under the cabinet coffee maker. The way that it is mounted is truly innovative and can save a lot of kitchen space.

The Under Counter Coffee Maker

If you think about it, your coffee maker is pretty much the one indispensable machine in your kitchen. It is for this reason that you should look to these newer models, that take into account both efficiency and functionality. These under cabinet coffee makers have carefully been crafted for the sake of both convenience and space saving purposes. These designs are have become more efficient at making coffee, while migrating to under the cabinet. This saves space, and adds functionality to your everyday coffee experience. These under the cabinet machines address all the issues of efficiency, functionality, as well as the concerns of saving space. The great thing about these coffee machines is that they don’t take up any space on the “prep” area of the kitchen.

The advantages of an under cabinet coffee maker:

The primary advantage of these under counter coffee makers, in my opinion, would have to be functionality. With these machines, a fresh hot cup of coffee can be prepared in just minutes!

A second noteworthy advantage is in the design of these coffee makers. Many agree that coffee is perhaps the most popular beverage int the world. This brings with it the ingenuity of different cultural viewpoints in terms of different designs and innovations. For this reason, in recent years, we have come up with increasingly innovative designs which take into account both space and efficiency. Some designers have taken it upon themselves to improve on some old designs. The old design has the coffee maker always mounted on top of the kitchen prep area or on kitchen table. This design is fine for the more spacious kitchens, where maximizing kitchen work space is not an issue, however, with the ever-growing number of urban “dwellers”(with cramped living spaces), the space-saving aspect of an under cabinet coffee maker becomes more significant. So, space saved by using an under counter coffee maker can give homeowners some valuable space for other things if they have small and mid-size kitchens.

Another advantage of these under the cabinet coffee machines are their diverse and interesting features. what I mean by this is that many of these machines have features such as thermal carafes(which allow you to brew several cups of coffee at the same time! Many of them also have removable brew baskets and water reservoirs, which make them a lot easier to clean. Most of them also have auto-shut off functions which make it easier to save on energy consumption. They will also usually come with cord storage and a digital control panel(check out the Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker if you are interested in the above features).

How do we install the under cabinet coffee maker?

The first thing you ahve to do is locate a place under your cabinets to install the coffee maker. You should mark the area you want to install the coffee maker. The coffee maker can be mounted together in a single piece. All you have to do if firmly grasp the top panel, and use a drill to bore a hole on the spot you have marked. After that you will have to use a screwdriver to actually begin to mount the unit. Once the coffee maker is actually mounted, you can plug the cord in and enjoy your coffee!

The most popular brands according to reviews:

Black and Decker is one of the leading makers of under counter coffee makers( I linked to this machine earlier, it is a personal favorite of mine). however, They have a wide variety of under the cabinet coffee makers from which you can choose from. You can also visit their website to find the the different listings they have. On the other hand, Brewmatic also makes some good under cabinet coffee makers, and they got a different tag for it—“under the counter coffee maker.” You can check out their coffee makers via the listings above on amazon. is definitely a good site to, at the very least, browse to see fi you can find a coffee maker that you personally like. Since these are smaller than other appliances i talk about here, I would actually recommend you purchase your coffee maker online rather than visiting a home goods store, as It is more convenient and less expensive to purchase online. The pricing for under cabinet machines range from around eighty dollars to several hundred dollars.

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