Wrought Iron Bar Stools for Decor and Function

Wrought Iron Bar Stools

All styles and types of furniture have long and fruitful histories,which, more often than not, date back to ancient times. The Wrought iron bar stool has a long and appealing evolutionary history which actually predates that of other more modern and contemporary chairs. It is because of this that old and antique furniture, such as these iron stools have been cast aside to the “sidelines” of home decor. there is something indescribably delightful in the pure and simple design of these stools however. the wrought iron design has has a much needed and unprecedented revival in recent years. these alluring and composed pieces of furniture are slowly beginning to regain their popularity in contemporary home decor. below are tips and suggestions to see if Wrought Iron bar stools could make a refreshing and attractive addition to your home!

What exactly are wrought iron bar stools?

Wrought iron bar stools are aptly named so because they are made of wrought iron, a soft and ductile metal that is sure to withstand the test of time. Wrought iron furniture is fairly common nowadays, however it was first used in the ancient roman time to make swords and a variety of other metal tools and instruments.Wrought Iron is a metal iron alloy. This means essentially that it is not a pure iron, but that it is tinged with other metals to give it a rather different texture and property than standard iron would.It has a much lower carbon content compared to other cast irons, which makes it ideal for use in furniture, as it is not as brittle as other standard cast irons.
Slag(a glass like byproduct after the separation of a metal from its ore) is added to the iron to give it a texture similar to that of a wood. This makes it tough yet malleable compared to other metals and is significantly easier to weld together.Likewise, for this reason, most bar stools today are made of wrought iron.

There are literally thousands of different designs for wrought iron bar stools ; and if you are currently searching for the perfect style and design for your home , you will definitely have some fun shopping around for some stylish and superb designs which would definitely spruce up your home.

Wrought iron bar stools are often times used in modern or contemporary styled homes to add both style and fashion to what would otherwise be a common and contrite home decor. These interesting and unique bar stools have a strange capacity to add both style and fashion to any plain interior. Ironically, its ancient beauty and compelling history make it the perfect complement to the modern style home. these bar stools have a certain rawness in design which permeates a sense of nonchalance that makes it appealing to those who have contemporary styled homes. this mysterious inner characteristic is akin to an inexplicable desire for duality between a sleek modern style and a mysterious aged style.

How to choose the right wrought iron bar stools for your home

When choosing a bar stool, the first thing you have to consider is the height of the stool. It is important to keep in mind that the traditional stool does not have a back or arm rest, so it takes some effort to sit on them. Having said that, the wrought iron stools pictured above do in fact have back rests, and some even have both back and arm rests. this is because, as I said before, there are thousands of different styles today, so it is important to keep in mind if you are looking for back and arm rests. It is also important to consider that if you choose the correct height, there should be no balancing issues, and it should not look awkward at all when you are sitting in it. at the perfect height, you will seem relaxed and natural sitting in a wrought iron bar stool. To choose the right height, you must measure the height of the countertop or table you will be using with the stools. Make sure you extra careful in choosing the height of your stool, as it will be the primary factor in the level of comfort when sitting on the stool( I personally recommend that it be 10″-13″ between your seat height and table height).

In addition of the height, you should look for a design that will easily and seamlessly fit into your the overall interior design of your home. there are a large number of designs that you can choose from(Modern Contemporary and European to name a few).After having decided on the height and designs, it is now time to check on the sturdiness and durability of the legs, as well as the longevity of the material used. Check the general firmness of the joints and how exactly the cushions have been upholstered. If you plan on buying your stools online, a general rule of thumb is that you can tell by looking at the stool if it is going to be sturdy(or durable) or not. An ocular check would probably do the trick(if you are not convinced absolutely from what you see from the online pictures, than i recommend you do not make the purchase) and help you ensure the quality of the stool you are going to buy.

Prices of wrought iron bar stools and where to buy them:

Wrought iron bar stools usually range from around one hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. The price however, will be dependent on the intricacy of the design, as well as the materials used. You can buy iron bar stools at your nearest home depot or furniture store, however you will have a much wider selection online such as on amazon(see above picture) or other home goods websites. Buying your bar stools online can be more convenient because of the wider selection, it is more convenient, and it is usually cheaper. You can browse through different sites, and do more in depth comparisons between the stools you like to see which ones fit better with your decor. Often times, when you purchase bar stools online you will get a warranty and free shipping and handling.

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Small Kitchen Table Sets For Your Meals

Small Kitchen Table Set

Many people nowadays are looking for small-sized furniture to put in the rather limited kitchen area of their homes. When you consider the rapidly growing number of urban “dwellers” who live in small houses or apartment for the sake of practicality, it is not surprising that many people are beginning to look for smaller kitchen sets that fit in their limited kitchen space. Choosing to have a small kitchen table set would be ideal to maximize your space( that is, if it is limited to begin with). It is for this reason that many are opting for small kitchen table sets that are suitable for their small kitchen areas.

Even though the use of small table sets are very popular amongst those with cramped or small urban living spaces, many homeowners choose to have a small kitchen table set in addition to their main dining table. It is mostly a stylish practice, but even for those who do not need to maximize their living space, it can be both practical and useful to have a small kitchen table set in addition to a large dining area. The smaller table set would be ideally located in the kitchen rather than a dining room because it ensures an informal and easy area to eat snacks or breakfast. Even during important occasions, the small kitchen table set is a good place to put the food before it is served to the main dining table. Likewise, during important occasions, the small kitchen table set usually serves as a good platform for newly cooked food, before they are served directly into the grand dining table.

The design and dimensions of small kitchen table sets:

There is a wide variety of different designs,styles, and sizes for these small kitchen table sets. There are traditional designs which are designed to invoke nostalgia from a classical and bygone era. There are also transitional designs of which represent a sort of transitional phase from classic to modern era. There are also more contemporary designs which are both modern and sleek. I don’t want to be to “artsy” in my description of these designs, but it is crucial that you understand the difference between the different designs when looking to purchase a small kitchen table set.
Some table sets are square and rectangular in shape, while others are round or oval-shaped. Some may sport more adventurous designs, and defy the conventional square, rectangular, and round shapes. Yet, most of them are like “miniature” grand dining tables, and are designed for a few people to use at a time.

Most of these table sets are designed to sit around two to three people at time, however there are others that can sit up to seven people. In terms of style, some have glass table tops, while others have hard wood tops. Some of these sets can be made entirely of steel, while others can be made of plastic or other durable materials. Many of these sets are fitted with drawers for storage of kitchen utensils.

The underlying theme in choosing a style is best described as either gracefully elegant, or plain and simple. Many of the more elegant sets will have “drop leaf” sides which can be folded to maximize your living and kitchen space, ore brought out to accommodate more people at the table. For even more cramped spaces, some designs allow you to actually mount the table on the wall. You just have to pull the table down after you have mounted it, or put it back up as you desire.

These table sets will usually come with matching chairs(some of which will be upholstered, depending on the style of the table). the smaller sets will come with two or three chairs, while the larger ones can come with upwards of seven chairs. The design of these chairs will vary with the style of the table, however they will usually be more elegant and regal if the table is as well.
Additionally, the small kitchen tables come in different colors. The colors sometimes include stain top, with cold purple on the bottom, green, pink, mahogany, oak, black, brown, red, white, dark brown, gold, stainless steel, and many more. You will have wide variety of colors to choose from depending upon your color preference. No matter the size of your kitchen , you will be able to find a kitchen table set which will seamlessly fit into your kitchen and living space.

Choosing the right small kitchen table set for your kitchen:

The first thing you must do is assess how much space in your kitchen you are willing to give up for your table set. I suggest that you make a rough measurement of your kitchen area, and look at the different sets both online and in person that will fit into your kitchen space.

Once you have determined the dimension of the table set you would like to buy, you can look for a design which you like. Like I said earlier, there are hundreds if not thousands of different designs and styles. You can opt for a solid wood top or a glass top. You can also choose between a round, square, or rectangular-shaped table. I also think you should determine the number of people that would regularly use the table before you decide on a particular size or style. Then, when all these things are known, you can now check on the durability of the table, if it is sturdy enough withstand the test of time. Check on the finish and the joints as well. Likewise, inspect the sturdiness of the chairs for both safety and strength. Always remember that if you are buying a small kitchen table set for the sake of style, you will never run out of choices because a wide variety of designs, ranging from the sleek and modern designs to streamlined and high-end designs.

The prices of small kitchen table sets:

The prices of table sets will depend on the design, dimensions, and the materials used. The usual set will probably cost several hundred dollars. You can buy these table sets by visiting the nearest home depot or home goods store, however I recommend at least looking online to see if there is something that fits your needs that will be delivered right to your front door(Look at the pictures above!).Online, you can visit these sites and compare the wide variety of styles and designs, to see what you like, and which sets would fit better in your home(Something worth noting: many of these sites will offer free shipping and handling).

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Glass Front Refrigerator for Beverages

Glass Front Refrigerator

Glass Front refrigerators are popular amongst many because they allow you to easily view all the items inside the refrigerator from the outside. I would say that this is the very first advantage of having a glass front refrigerator inside your home. It lets you see the contents of the refrigerator and lets you to assess if you have enough beverages or if you need to restock on anything in particular. Unfortunately this can not be done with more conventional refrigerator styles such as the French door refrigerators, or even just the standard style refrigerators. But, is it really worth the effort to buy a glass front refrigerator?

Many people argue that glass front refrigerators are only practical in commercial scenarios, such as connivence stores, where the customers are in a rush, and must quickly figure out what they want to purchase. I disagree however, I think that many people would opt for a glass front refrigerator in their home for the very sake of its inherent practicality. So here are the essential advantages to owning a glass front refrigerator:

The advantages of Front Glass Refrigerators

Obviously, this specific type of refrigerator allows you to see the beverages that are inside it. They are commonly used in many convenience stores because of the ease in identification of the items inside the refrigerator. The clear glass front is crucial in the fast transactions that take place within a convenience store, allowing the customer to save both time and effort. For this exact reason, it would make sense for many people to own glass front refrigerators in their homes.With kids running around the house, or perhaps you are running late to work in the morning and are in a hurry, it would definitely save you both time and effort to be able to easily identify what you are looking for.

The second advantage of the glass front refrigerator would have to be the easy of accessibility of the needed items. If you are approaching a standard style refrigerator without a glass door, form afar, you would not know where to find the item that you are looking for. If you need something specific, you will know exactly where it is in the refrigerator before you open it. You are probably saying to yourself “it only takes seconds to find what I am looking for in my refrigerator, it won’t make a difference!”. Well, in today’s purpose-driven world, it is the seconds which matter the most.

This style refrigerator is practical in the sense that you will know exactly when you have to restock on beverages. With just a casual look inside the refrigerator(from the outside), you will know exactly what you need to restock.

Another advantage is obvious, however it seems to be often overlooked; the order and cleanliness of your refrigerator. if you have a glass front refrigerator, it will be easier to maintain and clean, because you will see from distance if the beverages within are disorderly. This may be a non-essential advantage, but it really can help a lot to see if the drinks inside the refrigerator are well-arranged all the time.

I think it is also really important to focus on the energy saving aspect of having a glass front fridge. Before I was only talking about speed and cleanliness(which are important!), but the efficiency of the glass front refrigerator it definitely worth noting! Being able to readily identify where the needed drink is in the fridge saves both time and energy. These refrigerators promote lower energy consumption in the sense that the fridge will be open for a shorter amount of time.

Many people complain that this style refrigerator would look bad in most kitchens, however there are many high end and stylish glass front refrigerators(check out the pictures and links above!), which would definitely streamline the look of any kitchen.

Types of glass front refrigerators

There are basically two types of glass front fridges: there is the swinging glass front refrigerator, and there is the sliding glass front refrigerator. The more common between these two styles would be the swinging glass front fridge. The swinging type glass front refrigerators are commonly used in in most convenient stores. Additionally, there is another type of swinging type which is a “pass through” swinging type which you can access on either side, and is designed for versatility and quick access for items. I personally believe that this style looks much better than the sliding glass door(which looks too “commercial” in my opinion, and would recommend it over the sliding glass door refrigerators.

Another factor you have to consider when looking to purchase a glass front refrigerator is the location of its compressor. Some have the compressors mounted at the bottom of the refrigerators, While others have the compressor mounted on top. Each design has its own disadvantages and advantages. Say for instance, the one with a bottom-mounted compressor has higher shelves which saves the customers from too much bending to reach in for an item inside. However, heat may readily enter inside the refrigerator as one opens it, if it has a bottom-mounted compressor. On the other hand, if the compressor is top-mounted, even if you open the fridge, the hot air from the compressor will not enter in, considering the fact that hot air often moves upward. I guess in this sense,the top-mounted compressor allows you to save on your energy consumption by keeping the refrigerator cool at all times.

Pricing for these refrigerators vary according to both design and functionality. For smaller refrigerators, the price can be from two hundred to three hundred dollars(Check out the link in the picture above for smaller ones). For larger ones however, they can be upwards of several thousand dollars( and I recommend you purchase the larger ones at a home goods store in person, not online). However, I always believe that you should check online first, if anything just to see the different types of refrigerators and to identify if you like any of them.

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Portable Kitchen Islands to Maximize Kitchen Space

Portable Kitchen Island

A portable island is an ideal solution for those looking for more working space in their kitchen. It is probably the simplest say to add additional “table” space to your kitchen. Whether your kitchen is large or small enough for one or two people to work together in it comfortably, a portable kitchen island will always come in handy. During special occasions and visits from friends and relatives, you will definitely find yourself needing extra working space in your kitchen; and it is during these moments that having a portable kitchen island can be advantageous.

Designs and sizes of portable kitchen islands:

Portable kitchen islands come in various designs and dimensions. They can have sizes of 25 by 15 inches, while others can be as large as 60 inches wide and 100 inches long. You definitely will a wide array of choices for portable islands, depending upon the dimension of your kitchen, I’m sure there is one that will fit your needs.

Another advantage of these particular kitchen islands is portability. It is incredibly easy to push it into a corner or stack it inside a storage room after using it. Additionally, you can simply move it back to the kitchen whenever needed, to provide additional working space. Furthermore, you can use it as a portable dining table If you really need it(it looks a little bit sloppy to eat on it i will admit, so i would consider it a last minute option), when your friends are around and you want to stay closer to the kitchen. Just place some stools around the kitchen island, and it becomes an improvised dining table! Most of these portable kitchen islands have wheels(check out the middle picture above) which make it easy for you to cart them away when they aren’t needed.

Some portable kitchen islands have built-in drawers which you can use for storing kitchen utensils; while others have pass-through utility drawers which can be readily accessed on either side. Other designs have shelves which would come in handy whenever you want some extra spaces for condiments and other utensils.

There are many different designs for these portable kitchen islands. Some have very plain designs with no built-in drawers and cabinets; others have designs have simple wood tops for chopping and cutting some food stuff. however, some others are so elaborate and stylish that they would immediately spruce up the tone and ambience of any kitchen. some of these more elegant designs have granite and marble tops—which are polished to give your kitchen a particularly majestic look.

Commonly used materials for kitchen islands

These kitchen islands can be made out of an array of different materials. The more common materials include natural stones such as granite, soapstone, and slate. Other solid surface include polyester and acrylic. Plastic laminate, ceramic tiles, and wood surfaces can work in many cases as well. Granite does not stain nor scratch, so it is personally what I would recommend.

The body of the kitchen islands is usually made of wood , which gives it a stylish texture as well as a firm support.Some kitchen islands however, are made of a stainless steel finish, walnut, natural mahogany, cherry, espresso, or any alternative finish. You definitely will have a huge variety of different options to choose from with regards to portable kitchen islands.

Choosing the right portable kitchen island for your kitchen:

If you plan on buying a portable kitchen island unit, to increase and maximize your working space, you should follow my personal checklist to make sure you are making the right purchase. Since there are so many different designs, you should consider at least these three things before deciding on any particular island.
First, you have to check on the kitchen island’s dimension to see if it fits into your kitchen. The best thing to do is to measure the amount of space in your kitchen that you would allot to the kitchen island. Keep in mind that not all kitchen islands are suited for your kitchen. So, always make sure that its size will nicely fit into your kitchen; Once you have decided on the dimension range , then you can decide on which design you would prefer. Do you need drawers or shelves, or would you rather go for a more plain and simple design? You have to consider the materials for countertops and body (I personally love granite).

There are several ways to choose and buy a portable kitchen island. Even if you plan on buying online, I suggest that you go to Home depot to check out the dimensions for the islands in person(this is not completely necessary if you can measure it out in your own kitchen). There are a number of great sites you could visit if you plan on searching and purchasing online, which showcase a variety of designs and styles(Check out the pictures above!). Online, you can compare the prices, designs, and dimensions of all the kitchen islands you are interested in, and make sure that you choose the right one for your kitchen.I also suggest that you check the warranty as well as the shipping and handling. Many of these sites offer free shipping and handling which you can take advantage of. The pricing of these islands will usually be between two hundred to five hundred dollars, however, they will depend on the designs, and the materials used.

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The Convenience of Under Cabinet Coffee Makers

under counter coffee maker

“To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions,” said the famous actor Hugh Jackman. I think most would agree with him, the smell of coffee is, to many people, an indispensable part of their everyday life. Yet, to really appreciate the delightfully aromatic aspects of coffee, you need a great coffee maker! A stylish and modern coffee maker will definitely give a new dimension to your everyday coffee experience. A noteworthy and recent innovation in the world of coffee is the under the cabinet coffee maker. The way that it is mounted is truly innovative and can save a lot of kitchen space.

The Under Counter Coffee Maker

If you think about it, your coffee maker is pretty much the one indispensable machine in your kitchen. It is for this reason that you should look to these newer models, that take into account both efficiency and functionality. These under cabinet coffee makers have carefully been crafted for the sake of both convenience and space saving purposes. These designs are have become more efficient at making coffee, while migrating to under the cabinet. This saves space, and adds functionality to your everyday coffee experience. These under the cabinet machines address all the issues of efficiency, functionality, as well as the concerns of saving space. The great thing about these coffee machines is that they don’t take up any space on the “prep” area of the kitchen.

The advantages of an under cabinet coffee maker:

The primary advantage of these under counter coffee makers, in my opinion, would have to be functionality. With these machines, a fresh hot cup of coffee can be prepared in just minutes!

A second noteworthy advantage is in the design of these coffee makers. Many agree that coffee is perhaps the most popular beverage int the world. This brings with it the ingenuity of different cultural viewpoints in terms of different designs and innovations. For this reason, in recent years, we have come up with increasingly innovative designs which take into account both space and efficiency. Some designers have taken it upon themselves to improve on some old designs. The old design has the coffee maker always mounted on top of the kitchen prep area or on kitchen table. This design is fine for the more spacious kitchens, where maximizing kitchen work space is not an issue, however, with the ever-growing number of urban “dwellers”(with cramped living spaces), the space-saving aspect of an under cabinet coffee maker becomes more significant. So, space saved by using an under counter coffee maker can give homeowners some valuable space for other things if they have small and mid-size kitchens.

Another advantage of these under the cabinet coffee machines are their diverse and interesting features. what I mean by this is that many of these machines have features such as thermal carafes(which allow you to brew several cups of coffee at the same time! Many of them also have removable brew baskets and water reservoirs, which make them a lot easier to clean. Most of them also have auto-shut off functions which make it easier to save on energy consumption. They will also usually come with cord storage and a digital control panel(check out the Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker if you are interested in the above features).

How do we install the under cabinet coffee maker?

The first thing you ahve to do is locate a place under your cabinets to install the coffee maker. You should mark the area you want to install the coffee maker. The coffee maker can be mounted together in a single piece. All you have to do if firmly grasp the top panel, and use a drill to bore a hole on the spot you have marked. After that you will have to use a screwdriver to actually begin to mount the unit. Once the coffee maker is actually mounted, you can plug the cord in and enjoy your coffee!

The most popular brands according to reviews:

Black and Decker is one of the leading makers of under counter coffee makers( I linked to this machine earlier, it is a personal favorite of mine). however, They have a wide variety of under the cabinet coffee makers from which you can choose from. You can also visit their website to find the the different listings they have. On the other hand, Brewmatic also makes some good under cabinet coffee makers, and they got a different tag for it—“under the counter coffee maker.” You can check out their coffee makers via the listings above on amazon.

Amazon.com is definitely a good site to, at the very least, browse to see fi you can find a coffee maker that you personally like. Since these are smaller than other appliances i talk about here, I would actually recommend you purchase your coffee maker online rather than visiting a home goods store, as It is more convenient and less expensive to purchase online. The pricing for under cabinet machines range from around eighty dollars to several hundred dollars.

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Kitchen Pantry Cabinet for Extra Storage

kitchen pantry cabinetry

A kitchen pantry cabinet is a very versatile piece of furniture. It is essentially a type of cupboard that is an inexpensive and easy way to add more storage space to your kitchen. Even if you have no pantry or kitchen storage area, a larger sized pantry cabinet can make up for that, and provide you with more than enough space. Pantry cabinets are usually made of wood or wood veneer and look like large cupboards with a row of shelves fitted inside. This type of cupboard offers you all the space that you would usually gain from a regular pantry. These portable unites are easy to move from one location to another, and are both practical and convenient to maximize kitchen space.

The benefits of pantry cabinets

The best thing about buying a kitchen pantry cupboard is the fact that this type of cabinet is very efficient if you are interested in saving space. If you do not want all your stored foodto be visible in your kitchen, or if you have pans and pots spilling out of your cupboards, a kitchen pantry cupboard is an excellent solution to your space problem. This way you can use your kitchen counter for other things and free up a lot of room.

It is very easy to organize your kitchen area with a pantry cabinet. if you wanted to, you could even use a shelf just to plan out your meals for the week. organizing all of your groceries in a pantry cabinet makes it easy to make a shopping list, because you can quickly see what you need and what things you are running out of.

buying a pantry cabinet is usually going to be a lot cheaper than adding additional storage through other methods. It will depend on the size of pantry cabinet you are looking for, but the prices will almost always be between one hundred and four hundred dollars. If you need more storage but don’t want to go through the hastle of an expensive redesign of your kitchen, than a pantry cabinet is going to be the ideal solution for you.

You can also move your pantry cabinet along with you if you are living in a temporary home. Since these cabinet units are portable, they are an ideal storage solution for students and families that move every few years because of work demands.

Choosing a kitchen pantry cabinet

When choosing the best pantry cabinet for you, you will need to look mainly for two things: cabinet pantries that fall within your budget, and pantries that fit within the space available. the cheaper pantry options on the market are going to be made out of pine wood and other inexpensive materials. They will look good, but often times they will not hold their weight, and will be easily damaged. The “middle grade” materials would seem to be more of the composite woods, which also can look great, but will usually not do the job of holding your groceries well at all. If you are looking for something you can use for a long time, make sure to choose the right materials(I suggest you look at the pictures above, to see if you find anything you like).

While looking to purchase one, i suggest that you identify a space in which you are going to put the pantry cabinet. Measure the height and width of the available space, and stick with those measurements when searching online or while you go to your local home goods store.

Of course it is also important to find a cabinet that matches the rest of your kitchen design and decor. Choosing a cabinet made of a natural looking type of wood will fit with any style. Unless you want to make your pantry a main feature of your kitchen, choose a type of wood that is used in other items in your kitchen or home in general. A dark wood pantry cabinet can be a great choice if your kitchen does not have a very defined or explicit decor.

Make sure to invest in a cupboard that will last and that looks great. Unless you are looking for a temporary storage solution, it really is not worth the money to buy a cheap cabinet that you will be able to use for only a year.

Caring for your kitchen pantry cabinet

Wooden pantry cabinets are relatively easy to maintain. Make sure to place your new cupboard in a space that does not get damp with cooking fumes. A well ventilated spot is a must. Wooden cabinets can be wiped down with a dry dusting cloth, and can be polished with a wood polish or wood spray suitable for the specific type of wood that you chose. The shelves can be lined with paper or plastic to avoid damage and stains from the products that you are keeping in storage, to avoid having to clean the shelves often.

If you do need to clean the shelves, this can be done with a damp cloth, after which you need to make sure to dry the shelves afterwards. Air your cupboard every now and then by opening the doors when you are cleaning the home, and make sure to not keep any products in your cupboard that are broken or damaged. This way your pantry cabinet will look great at all times, and you can manage to keep your new cabinet for a very long time. This type of cabinet is really worth the investment and simplifies cooking, shopping and stocking for your family. Compare kitchen pantry cabinet prices on the Internet and in the stores before you decide on your purchase. The best prices can almost always be found online.

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How to Choose a Slide in Electric Range For Your Kitchen

Slide In Electric Ranges

Slide in electric ranges are among the most versatile and most sold kitchen appliances on the market today. They can be found in almost every household and they are the perfect solution for anything when it comes to cooking, grilling and baking. There are many different types of electric ranges bot these specific slide in electric ranges have been designed especially to fit in between two other appliances or between two cupboards in a kitchen setup. These ranges are not meant to be built into a cupboard. They are meant to always be visible in the kitchen. In this sense, slide in electric ranges easily fit into most kitchens, even those with limited space.

there are different types of slide in electric ranges. There are some with true convection ovens, some with microwave ovens, and some that even have both. If you like to bake( or if you enjoy home cooking!), you will probably want to look for a true convection oven. A convection oven saves time and money, as the heat inside the oven is distributed by a fan. Because of this, cooking in a convection oven takes less time. Building or designing a kitchen setup can be complicated, So how do you go about choosing the right slide in electric range for your kitchen?

How to choose the best slide in electric range

The first thing you have to do when choosing what electric slide in range is best for your home, it to determining the exact measurements that you have space for. I recommend that you find the exact width and height of the space designated for your range. If you purchase a range that is shorter than your designated space, than you will end up with a gap in between the cupboard and the unit, and this gap will be a trap for grease and bits of food, which will be a pain to remove and clean. If the unit is wider than your available space, well you simply cannot use the unit. Choosing the right height is important if you don’t want to end up with a range that is significantly taller than your cupboards. It is for all of these reasons that I suggest that you are extremely careful when you measure

It is also important to think about how much you will be using the range. If you plan on preparing the food for a large number of people on a regular basis, than you should definitely consider looking at units with larger oven’s and an overall larger space for cooking food. I also suggest that you consider any special occasions where you will be using the unit(Thanksgiving for example). Make sure to pick a range that can handle the size of festive food.

What type of cook top do you want from your slide in range? Would you like to buy a smooth top range or a coiled element range? Coil element range’s have coils made of metal that heat up under your pans for cooking. Both types of units work with electricity, but the main difference lies in the way the units are cleaned. A coil top unit is a lot harder to clean during the cooking process. Any spills may stick to the coils when they heat up and cool down. If this happens with a smooth top, you can simply wipe the cooking surface down with a damp cloth after cooking(I personally recommend the smooth top ranges because the coiled element range’s can be a huge pain to clean).

How to care for your slide in electric range

Believe it or not, there are actually self cleaning ovens in many slide in electric ranges(Check it out!). The oven can be difficult to keep clean and a self cleaning unit may be the best option for you if you simply do not have a lot of time to spend on cleaning and maintenance.

To really make sure your electric range lasts as long as possible, I suggest that you clean your range as quickly as possible after you use it. Make sure that the smooth cooking surface or the metal coiled cookers cool down enough to be able to touch them, and simply wipe the surfaces down with a damp cloth or damp kitchen towel. The oven will need to be wiped down, but microwave ovens can be cleaned by placing a bowl of water (you can add some lemon juice) in the microwave and boiling the water in the oven for a few minutes. Open the oven door after a few minutes and wipe all surfaces down with paper. Repeat this process as often as necessary for a clean oven free from any cooking smells.

The exterior of the slide in electric range can be wiped down simply with a damp sponge or a wet paper towl. Cooking ranges with stainless steel exteriors can be wiped with a little bit of oil. This will bring back the shiny finish on the metal after cleaning. Make sure to choose a cooking range with removable buttons and knobs. These get dirty after cooking ad if you are able to remove them, they need to be soaked and rinsed every now and then to keep them clean.

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Upholstered Dining Chairs for Extra Style

Upholstered Dining Room Chairs

If you are considering making a change in your home, but don’t know exactly where to start, I suggest you think about changing the look of your furniture(it is the sofas, tables, and chairs which really create the look and atmosphere of your home). By simply swapping some furniture around( or by re-upholstering your furniture), you can completely change the decor and style of your living space.If you are looking to purchase more furniture, Then i advise that you take your time in finding what you want, as right types of furniture can really put a breath of fresh air in your home.

The dining set is usually the biggest feature in a dining room or kitchen. Depending on the size of the family, most people have a dining set that will sit 4 to 6 people. If you are looking for a dining table and chairs for your home,here are some tips to keep in mind: Make the most of your space, this way you will be able to cater for a larger number of guests during parties and holidays. Think of how many times a year you think you will need more chairs or more room at your table before you even start looking for new dining room furniture.

I know it seems strange, but sometimes buying your dining chairs and table separately can actually help you save a lot of money. Start by choosing the right table for your needs. Would you rather have larger round table or a square one? There are great flip-out dining tables that can be made larger by placing an additional compartment in the middle of the table when needed. This way you can seat 2 to 4 additional people at a table that usually seats only 4 people(I personally am not a fan of these tables, as I think they can look a little bit “clunky”, I would suggest going for the round or square tables).

Even though I’m not a big fan though, flip-out tables or extendable dining tables are a good solution for a smaller spaces.Having an adjustable table though, means you will need to have enough dining chairs to seat the maximum number of people your table can fit when it is extended fully. You should consider foldable dining chairs for this case. However, they can be a bit uncomfortable if you plan on having your guests sitting on them for an extended period of time.

Dining chairs are going to be easier to choose than dining tables because there is such a wide variety in styles (anywhere From classic wooden dining chairs to modern minimalist designs). It is important to pick a set of chairs that both look great and are comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. For any dining set, I strongly recommend upholstered chairs, as they are extremely comfortable, and can look very stylish with the right table. Upholstered dining chairs are available in fabric, leather and synthetic fibers. Leather upholstery lasts for a very long time and some people say that leather furniture actually looks better over time!

Choosing the right upholstered dining chairs

There are many things you have to keep in mind when you are getting ready to choose and buy your dining chairs. If you have pets in your home it may be a good idea to buy dining chairs that can be cleaned easily. Leather dining chairs may get damaged by cats and any scratched on the leather upholstery can be very tricky to remove(so if you have pets it would be advisable that you do not get leather dining chairs). Upholstered dining chairs with fabric seats may prove difficult to clean when it comes to pet hair.If you have pets of any kind, i would personally recommend dining chairs upholstered with synthetic fabrics. They are easy to wipe down and it is easy to wipe or hoover any pet hair off them.

If you do not have to worry about pets and you love a classic look on chairs that will also last a long time, I would suggest you look at leather dining chairs (my personal favorite). Leather can be polished and kept in a great condition with leather care products available for any furniture store or supermarket. You can always choose to reupholster your dining chairs if you decide to redesign the look of your dining room(you can introduce new colors or change fabrics altogether).
How to recognize quality upholstered dining chairs

If you want quality upholstered chairs that will lost a long time, it is important to know what you are looking for. Make sure that the fabric or leather on your upholstered dining chairs is not simply stapled onto the chair with no additional finishing or decorative nails used on top of the staples(this s a sure mark of cheaply made or upholstered dining chairs). Check that the seats are padded and comfortable and make sure that any springs in the seating are positioned right and do not feel uncomfortable.

Always make sure to measure up the height of the dining table, if you already have one, when you are shopping for dining chairs. Ask in the store(or if you are shopping online, simply measure the desired height and use that for reference) if they have a table of the same height available, so that you can try out sitting at that table with the new upholstered dining chairs of your choice. This way you will be able to make sure that you will not be disappointed when your new chairs arrive home.

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Countertop Convection Oven are Convenient and Efficient!

Convection Ovens for Countertops

the oven is one of the most important utilities in the kitchen. Cakes, bread, lasagna, and even pizza! you need a great oven if you plan on doing a lot of home cooking!. If you have ever tried to bake a cake, than you will know how important it is to be able to count on your oven. Most baking disasters come from the fact that the oven does not reach the right temperature, or does not provide a constant temperature. Convection ovens have been invented to deal with this problem.

A convection oven is very different from a regular oven. A regular oven is heated but the hot air is not propelled by a fan. The fan in a convection oven regulates the temperature and is there to make sure that the temperature inside the convection oven is the same in every spot inside the device. This way food is heated and cooked quicker and evenly. If you have cooked with a regular oven before you have probably cooked something that ended up seeming more brown and cooked in one place of the dish than the others. This occurs because the heat is not evenly distributed. In convection ovens, the heat is constant, and is distributed evenly throughout the oven to prevent this from happening.

Baking and cooking is much easier in a convection oven because the oven will always stay at a constant temperature(which can not be said for regular ovens). There are ovens on the market that work with the forced-convection principle, which means that a fan is added to the inside of the oven to distribute the heat. The fan and the heating inside are not connected, and inside this type of oven there will still be hot and cold spots. If you choose to buy a convection oven it is important to make sure that you are not buying a forced convection machine, which does not offer the advantages of a traditional convection oven.

If you are planning to build a new kitchen, choosing all the appliances that you need (and the ones you want) can be difficult due to a limitation in the available space in the kitchen. Most people want a built in dishwasher. Usually a counter top stove and oven combination and a microwave oven are added to the list too. You can make a lot more use of your kitchen space by choosing to buy countertop equipment. A countertop convection oven and microwave oven make it possible to use your bottom cupboard space for other utilities such as a dishwasher or washing machine(more common in Europe than the U.S but still is possible!). A countertop convection oven should be easy to reach and should be placed away from the reach of small kids.

A countertop convection oven can be advantageious because it maximizes the space in your kitchen area, however that is not the only reason that this type for oven may be right for you.

A countertop convection oven can save a lot of time while baking, as well as a lot of money on your energy bill. This is because the heat inside the machine is used a lot more efficiently to cook food, meaning it will take a lot less time to cook your dishes. You can save up to 25% of the cooking time on most types of food. You will also notice that you will be able to cook foods at a slightly lower temperature, because the temperature is constant an the same in all areas of the oven.

Because the heat inside the oven reaches the food quicker, your breads and meat will taste a lot better. This is because The food is sealed by the quick and constant heat. Meat dishes are especially juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Cookies or breads and pies will be browned more evenly than with a regular oven. You will notice this particularly when cooking products on different racks and locations inside the oven. It will not matter where you place the dish, the heat is evenly distributed everywhere. This is the reason why you are able to cook more dishes at the same time in a convection oven.

Most modern countertop convection ovens have a broiler installed. This means that foods can be exposed to a very high heat if needed.

All of these advantages are noticeable from the minute you start cooking with a countertop convection oven. If you are used to cooking with a regular oven, i think it will take you a bit of time to get used to cooking with the convection oven(it took me a while!). For example, It is possible to bake bread, a pie and a casserole all at the same time. All you need to do is remove your dishes from the oven at different pre-programmed times. Most convection ovens also come with pre-programmed cooking options for meats and popular dishes, based on the weight of the food that you are cooking.

Of course it is important to keep your convection oven clean at all times. You will have to wipe down the walls of the oven with a slightly damp cloth, after the oven has cooled down enough(try to do it quickly after you use it, as it will be easier in general to clean this way). Make sure that you wipe away all the crumbs and spilled ingredients from the oven , and check that the fans are clean before cooking or baking. In most cases some warm water with a mild detergent will be sufficient to clean your oven with. Also make sure to clean the buttons and the door of the oven after use every time.

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What to Look for in a Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

Electric Skillet Stainless Steel

Your probably wondering, what exactly is a Stainless steel electric skillet? It is essentially nothing more than a frying pan(Don’t leave yet!). It is actually commonly known as “an electric frying pan”, because it is a frying pan which is generally oblong or square in its shape. The electric skillet has very flat surfaces for cooking, and insulated long handles for support with its sides coming outwards in form of flares. You can use the electric skillet to fry any food you desire, but you can also use it for”browning” or searing food products without the need of a cooking stove. It has many advantages over any other electricity based cooking product for this very reason. It supports very high temperatures and distributes heat evenly over its flat surface, which enhances the general quality of the “finished product”. It can vary in shape or size depending on the manufacturer. Basically these can be as small as a square of 12 by 12 inches, or circular pan of diameter 12. On the other hand, they can be as large as a square pan of 18 by 18 inches or circular pan of diameter 18 inches. In advanced stainless steel electric skillets the temperatures are controlled and can be adjusted by thermostats attached to the machine. These thermostats are generally detachable, which helps in easier washing and cleaning activities.

The fact that these frying pans are powered by electricity really sets them apart from some of the basic cooking stoves and other frying pans on the market. It is easy to tell non electric skillets apart from electric ones. the non electric frying pans are round in their shape and support larger handles. The disadvantage of these non electric frying pans is that they are unable to distribute heat evenly throughout frying surface, and that the amount of heat can not be regulated properly. This is simply does not happen with the stainless steel electric skillet in which heat is regulated by a thermostat. The non electric frying pans currently on the market are generally available in smaller sizes and circular shapes varying from 8 inches to maximum of 12 inches in diameter. Their smaller size makes them more portable comfortable for cooking.

Furthermore, the Electric skillets are non stick in nature. I’m sure anyone who regularly uses a frying pan can remember a specific time when the dish stuck to the pan(what a nightmare!). So it is definitely more convenient to use no stick cookware. The electric skillets consists of an aluminium coating which make them inherently non sticky. Another benefit of the electric frying pan is that they are portable and have been proven to work well outside. Electric skillets are also economic when compared to regular cooking stoves.Electric frying pans conserve much more electricity compared to a regular oven, and the distribution of heat prepares your meals at an even overall consistency. The most important advantage of electric skillets is that it can go directly to the serving table. I have to say that the electric skillets are pretty attractive, and would even go as far as to say that they can be presented directly in front of your guests. The glass cover that covers the skillet itself makes it even more useful and presentable. Plus, the glass cover also lets you check your food from time to time and prevent it from burning. This feature saves a lot of cooking time.

Stainless Steel electric skillets are perfect for special occasions, because they eliminates the need for a two plate gas stove. You simply don’t need one if you have an electric skillet. The even temperature and heat regulation features of the skillet help it to cook food evenly.

Currently, there are basically three different types of electric skillets on the market. First are the skillets with plastic lids. These are generally used for preparing quick and small meals. Secondly, there are electric skillets with tempered glass covers. These will make it easier to monitor your overall food quality. Thirdly, there are electric skillets with lids made of stainless steels. The steel lids are useful when cleaning and storing the frying pans. The outer layer of an electric frying pan is coated with a layer of oil, which helps in better frying the food. This is because it increases the conduction or transfer of heat from the skillet to the food. Searing and browning can be done even with much less oil or sometimes no oil at all. So, review the different types of skillets, and check out some of the ones listed in the pictures above, to see which one is right for you!

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